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General Pricing

General pricing for writing, editing and design projects is $65 (U.S.) per hour. We can estimate the amount of time a job will take before we start, but additional revisions, research, etc. can often mean the scope of the job will end up being broader than it was when it was begun. Because it is often difficult to plan for such contingencies, our policy is to let our clients know if a project looks like it will run over the estimated time and to get permission for the additional hours.

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We can also price by the word in several categories:
  • Proofreading 4 cents/word
    Includes corrections in spelling and punctuation and a close check for typos.
  • Basic Editing 2 cents/word
    Correction of spelling, punctuation and grammar. Note: Correction of grammar does not include major rewording.
  • Full Editing 10-18 cents/word, depending on quality of original
    Correction of spelling, punctuation and grammar. Review of content, organization and formatting with comprehensive suggestions for improvement. Rewording of awkward or syntactically incorrect sentences.
  • Writing 35-40 cents/word
    Includes basic research and original writing and formatting.
  • Design - $65/hour
    Desktop publishing design for ads, brochures, newsletters and catalogs
Special Projects

    All projects are special, but if you want us to "turnkey" a project--that is, arrange for work outside our normal scope, like hiring a major designer and working with him or her or getting something printed for you--those prices will be negotiated when the job is requested.


    Payment can be made by check or credit card (MasterCard and Visa). If we establish an ongoing working relationship or if you represent a major corporation, we can invoice. WordQueen is a qualified government contractor.

To Pay by credit card, or using PayPal, please use the button below.


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