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Frequently Asked Questions

You say you specialize in writing and editing for businesses. Does WordQueen have any experience working in a corporate environment?
Yes. WordQueen spent 14 years as a marketing executive in a major corporation and has an MBA, as well as degrees in English.

What is WordQueen's educational background?
She has an MBA from the University of Texas and an M.A. in English from West Chester University in Pennsylvania, and a B.A. in English, History and Education from the University of Texas at Austin. In addition, she has significant doctoral work in English at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) in Philadelphia.

How do you price a job?
Unlike some others you may find online, we are not simply an editing service. Our unique capability and focus is on writing and editing for businesses. Many jobs require research, phone calls, formatting, design and other tasks that are not covered by per-word pricing, so we price by the hour at $65/hour and provide an estimate before your job is accepted. We can also price by the word. (See Pricing page for more details.) If changes in your request require it, we'll let you know if changes in the price estimate will result.

Can an account be set up for repeat business?
Yes. We can arrange for a monthly billing or invoicing rather than credit card payment. If you represent a major corporation, WordQueen can adhere to your invoicing procedures. WordQueen is a qualified government contractor.

Would you ever consider traveling to our business to give a seminar on business writing?
Such courses can be developed to meet your specific needs and are priced accordingly. We also have a series of prepared courses from which your business may want to choose. Please contact WordQueen with training requests so we can discuss your needs.

Is WordQueen a government contractor?

Do you have any business references I can contact?
Absolutely. We can provide those on request.

I have a question that's not covered here.
Send us an email at or give us a call at the phone number below. We'll be happy to try to answer your question.

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